Cedar Strip Boat Building by The Newfound Woodworks, Inc.

Cedar Strip Boat BuildingNow you can watch as we build a canoe, starting with setting up the forms, laminating the stems, stripping the hull, and fairing it out. Each step is described in detail with lots of close ups to give you great detail. If you are considering building a Cedar Strip boat or just want to hone your skills for the next one, this is an incredible tool! DVD ONLY.

$29.95 each

Newfound Woodworks Fiberglassing DVD

Newfound Woodworks Fiberglassing DVDIn this video you will look over our shoulders as we describe our hull preparation techniques, apply the sealer coat, cloth coat and then filler coats of epoxy. We discuss the purpose of the application materials we supply and review safety procedures. Three days of intense filming were edited to 78 minutes of extremely valuable information. We show you the fiberglass wet-out of the outer hull of a kayak and the inner hull of a canoe. We cut some cloth on a bias and show how it will wrap right around some very severe bends. We discuss the advantages of blush-free MAS Epoxy and how to use the long cure times to your advantage. If you have never wet-out fiberglass, this video will help you get the best possible results by showing you the techniques that work.

$29.95 each

1st Roll DVD by Jay Babina the designer of the Outer Island kayak

1st Roll DVDLearning the Eskimo roll is every kayaker's dream from the moment they venture out on their first paddling experience. The idea of bringing yourself upright from a capsize is not only unique to the design of the kayak but remains one of the utmost safety skills that the sea kayaker can learn. "1st Roll" demonstrates a simplified approach to learning the extended paddle roll, which is the easiest style roll to learn for beginners. 43 minutes.

$29.95 each

Caleb Davis Videos

Caleb Davis, proprietor of Tremolo, creates beautiful handcrafted paddles; will teach you to do the same in a variety of woods; He also instructs flatwater paddlers in the traditional forms of both tandem and solo canoe paddling. Caleb has created these two videos so that you can learn to make your own paddle and apply the proper techniques when you are paddling. Owning these videos is like taking his classes, but even better because you can review the material easily.

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Welcome to Traditional Flatwater Canoeing with Caleb Davis

Welcome to Traditional Flatwater CanoeingIn this video, Caleb Davis shows you how you can become proficient in solo and tandem paddling using your own tandem canoe. Traditional paddling is the most commonly used tandem technique. It is identified by its long graceful stroke. Traditional paddling is done primarily with the arms, back and thighs providing propulsion. The traditional solo technique is identified by a Paddler who is kneeling near the center of the canoe and the canoe is heeled over so that the Paddler side gunwale is almost at the water. Paddling strokes are only on one side of the canoe. NOW ON DVD!

$19.95 each

Welcome to Making Traditionally Shaped Canoe and Greenland Kayak Paddles with Caleb Davis

Welcome to Making Traditionally Shaped Canoe and Greenland Kayak PaddlesIn this video, Caleb Davis explains his reasoning for his canoe paddle design and shows you step-by-step how to make a canoe paddle or a Greenland kayak paddle you will be proud to own and use. NOW ON DVD!

$19.95 each

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