The Newfound area was filmed by Channel 5 for their Chronicle segment. It aired on July 13th. The links to the program are below. We are in the last two, but the whole program is a great depiction of our area.



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Inuksuk Greenland style kayak paddles from KajakSport, in stock now!

KS-lnuksuk Paddle
By Frode Wiggen

Looking for a new Greenland style paddle? Then perhaps try this new paddle from Kajak Sport - lnuksuk.

The Kajak-Sport's latest paddle is their handcrafted Greenland paddle made 1n Finland.

Named the lnuksuk the paddle was officially launched at Paddle Expo. Nurnberg at the end of September with the paddle being made available for sale after the expo through their dealer world wide network

Kajak-Sport wanted to create something historical and unique with the latest technology available, and they have succeeded. This paddle looks very much the part!

The West Greenland style lnuksuk has smooth and well finished seamless edges. which are comfortable in use. Light high-end core construction allowed re- design the blade profile to make it more efficient without fibrillation. The profile also offers higher yet stable traction for maintaining good cruising speed.

Split construction with 13 cm length, the adjustment offers plenty more options in use. With length adjustment lnuksuk will basically fit all paddlers with different style of kayaks.

The paddle is awesome for both rolling and paddling. lnuksuk has a matt finish and an oval loom, which gives you a very good grip

The locking system is on the outside of the paddle. and the fit is very tight. The flex on this paddle is also very good and makes it very comfortable to use.

Inuksuk Greenland

KajakSport Products

We also have Ergonomic Seats/backbands, waterproof hatches, skegs, rudders, and deckline fittings!

The Passion Continues On...
Meet the new team!
Rose Woodyard and Alan Mann



Driven by a keen eye for detail and the desire to deliver quality craftsmanship, Michael Vermouth founded Newfound Woodworks in 1984 with the goal of producing intricately detailed cabinetry, ?ne furniture, and doors and windows to “top quality” New England home builders. Michael’s passion led him to construct several cedar strip canoes for himself: he was hooked. Seeing the need to fill a market niche, Michael redirected the company’s full efforts into building high quality canoe kits and providing instructional manuals so people could build their own canoes with high quality materials. Later, he expanded into kits for kayaks and rowboats as well. Michael’s attention to detail brought him many awards of excellence, solidifying forever his position as a highly sought after ?ne craftsman.

As a builder of high quality homes for over 40 years, Alan Mann Construction recognized the fine quality that Michael’s firm offered in those early days. This is what led to their long standing business and personal relationship. Michael and Alan knew each other well. Michael trusted Alan due to his own high standards; excellent craftsmanship and abilities which led Michael to commission Alan to remodel the Newfound Woodworks manufacturing facility 30 years ago so he could accommodate cedar strip boat construction and kit manufacturing. Over the years Michael would consult with Alan about numerous wood projects, and the two grew closer in friendship, riding motorcycles and snowmobiles together for many years. .

Alan is a successful business owner and artisan in his own right within the custom home building industry. Highly sought after for his attention to detail, Alan has an outstanding reputation in ?ne woodworking and building custom homes, including log and post & beam homes, throughout the White Mountains and Lakes Regions. Rose Woodyard knew Michael for many years as well. She grew up and worked in the building industry herself, is also a third generation artist who owned her own business, and to this day creates and teaches her craft in various mediums including metal & wood. Rose enjoys over 40 years of experience as a Custom Bench Jeweler and is a three-time award winner in the ?ne jewelry industry in Nebraska before relocating to New Hampshire twelve years ago

“With the untimely passing of our good friend Michael, the opportunity presented itself for us to carry out our close friend's legacy of outstanding craftsmanship and workmanship, with a timeless rich heritage of quality that will be remembered and continued. We are dedicated to continue providing top quality materials, high quality craftsmanship and unsurpassed customer service.”

“We are excited to continue Michael's rich heritage and carry on the passion! We look forward to the next 30 years, providing the ?nest high quality cedar strip canoe, kayak and rowboat kits! We look forward to working with you for your next cedar strip boat kit project!"

Rose Woodyard and Alan Mann

Safe and Secure Boat Transport

We are a dealer for Trailex lightweight aluminum trailers. These trailers were created for our boats! Call or email and we will help you choose the correct trailer for your needs.


Are you a first time cedar strip builder? Or do you need to hone your skills with more information and techniques? If so, check out our Pre-Kit Specials. A "Pre-Kit" is the information needed to build a canoe or rowboat.

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