Kayak Accessories

Adjustable Footbraces

Adjustable Footbraces Adjustable FootbracesHere is the answer to the dilemma of different people using the same kayak. These footbraces can be adjusted by simply reaching forward, flipping the red tab upward, sliding the footpedal forward or aft, and flipping the red tab back down. In addition to the ease of adjustment, these are very sturdy footbrace assemblies.

If you are building your kayak and haven't installed the footbraces, you can get the footbrace studs FREE (a $20 value) with purchase of a set of these footbraces. If you are retrofitting and have holes already drilled in the hull, simply ask for our long bolts. The cost is the same either way.


Brooks' Nylon Cockpit Covers & Spray Skirts

Brooks' Nylon Cockpit CoversCovers: Available only in black. They are adjustable with the shock cord that is in a pocket sewn around the edge. This is an important accessory: If your kayak is being transported or left out in the rain it can become a lethal object if allowed to fill up with water.

Brooks' Nylon Spray SkirtsSkirts: Made by Brooks Wetsuits. The 200 denier nylon is waterproof and seams are located away from potential seepage spots. Complete with tabs for securing the optional suspenders. Available only in black.

Brooks' Nylon Sizing Chart

Brooks' Adjustable Waist Neo Tour Gripper

Brooks' Adjustable Waist Neo Tour GripperBrooks' most popular touring skirt, practical for multi-users of one boat. Features: 3.5mm neoprene, durable duratex laminate on deck, adjustable waist tunnel - one size fits most, pocket on waistband, adjustable 1/4" bungee, and grabloop colored to indicate cockpit size.

Brooks' Nylon Sizing Chart

$126.00 each

Eclipse Half-Spray Skirt

Eclipse Half-Spray SkirtHelps protect against paddle splash, spray and sun. Size #2 fits touring boats, size #5 fits rec boats. Features 200 d. nylon, and an implosion bar.

This works super for summer paddling, easy on and off, and yet you don't build up heat and moisture around you.


spray skirt

$43.00 each

Deckline Hardware

Deckline HardwareThe Deckline Hardware package consists of 8 plastic padeyes with stainless steel bolts, and 20' of ?" black shock cord to make a continuous loop. This package cost is $28.12 or you can purchase any of these items separately. Package 1 contains all the basic materials listed while Package 2 contains the same materials but the padeyes are substituted with new Kajak Sport Deckline Fittings for $42.80 (see below).


KajakSport Deckline Fittings

KajakSport Deckline FittingsKajakSport manufactures a wide range of deckline fittings which are greatly appreciated among kayak owners and manufacturers. To keep the deckline fittings absolutely waterproof Kajak Sport has sealed each fitting with a special o-ring.

$3.65 each


Hatch Hardware

Hatch HardwareThis package consists of webbing, buckles, stainless steel bolts, and 1/2" hatch seal material that will allow you to create water tight flush hatches on a strip deck (enough for two hatches).


KajakSport Hatches

KajakSport HatchesKajak-Sport hatches are state-of-the-art in the industry worldwide. The secret to assuring absolute waterproof performance in these hatches lies in the unique double seal system, as well as the proprietary compound that they have developed for their hatch covers. There are three different round sizes available. We are currently not stocking the oval hatches. Please note that the dimensions given are INSIDE dimensions; add 1-3/4" to the dimensions to work out the "footprint" size but don't cut your hatch holes until you have the hatches in hand.

Yakima Adjustable Aluminum Footbraces

Yakima Adjustable Aluminum FootbracesThese adjustable footbraces are standard on many commercial kayaks. The 14" bar is aluminum; bolts are provided for attachment through your hull or mount to plywood strips inside your hull. Also available with a shorter (7") rail.

$38.00 each

Kayak Footbrace Studs

Kayak Footbrace StudsThe metal studs pictured at left can be epoxied to the inside of the hull of a stripper or stitch and glue kayak to eliminate the need to drill through the hull to mount your footbraces. They will work with either aluminum or keeper.

$20.00/set of 4

Newfound Seat & Sonic Backband

Newfound Seat & Sonic Backband Ritchie Kayaker Compass Tie Down KitThe Newfound Seat is a fabric covered compressed foam pad, about 2” thick at the highest points, 15¼” wide x 14¾” deep, dish-shaped somewhat like a tractor seat. To install you would apply contact cement or spray adhesive to the bottom of the seat and press into place on the hull, using weights until the glue sets. This will give you a very comfortable seat. If you are using this in a v-hulled kayak, such as a stitch and glue plywood design, we will supply two wedges of mini-cell foam to help flatten out the V shape of the hull somewhat. Newfound Seat - $74.95, includes foam wedges for transitioning beneath the seat. Grande Seat with mini-cell pad - $49.95

The Sonic Backband ($32.95) is comfortable, 16-1/2” wide x 6” tall, and made from compressed foam covered with fabric. Includes webbing, quick release buckles, and stainless steel bolts for installation.

Newfound Seat, Hip Brace Pads & Sonic Backband Package - $110.00

Mini-Cell Foam, Grey

Mini-Cell Foam, GreyAvailable in 1” thicknesses. This is closed cell foam so it won’t absorb water. Cut with a saber saw, band saw, or serrated knife. Will adhere with contact cement either to other pieces of foam or to the inside of your kayak. Both thicknesses are available as a full block 24” wide x 54” long or a half block at 24” x 27”. Use the 1” foam for padding your cockpit opening, hip braces, and thigh braces. Pre-cut hip braces available as 1” thick x 5” tall x 7” long with rounded corners. $8/pair.

1” x 24” x 54 ” - $47 Full Block
1” x 24” x 27” - $24 Half Block
1” x 5” x 7” - $8/pair Hip Brace Pads

Please choose a shipping option
for your foam:

Note that foam blocks which are cut will cost less to ship due to their size.

KajakSport Ergonomic Seat

KajakSport Ergonomic SeatThis is a seat bottom formed to accommodate both cheeks of the paddler's butt. The shape is very similar to your traditional John Deere tractor seat. This is very comfortable and installs easily by bolting through the hip brace towers on each side. You will need 19" between the hip braces for the Large seat and 17-1/2" for the Medium seat, but you should wait to have the seat in hand before you install the hip braces.

Note that this seat will not work in low volume kayaks such as the Outer Island, Guillemot, Expedition Single, or Night Heron because the side 'towers' will be too high for the allotted space.

The backrests listed below attach to this seat as a unit. There is a strap on the backbands that loops through two attachment points behind the hip brace towers of the seat. Two vertical straps from the back band loop through slots in the back of the seat and hook to the back of your cockpit coaming.

The cost indicated above is the seat bottom only; pick a backband below and you will have the integrated unit.

KajakSport Back Rests

KajakSport Back Rests KajakSport Back Rests KajakSport Back RestsKajakSport has invested time and effort in developing a comfortable backrest. During this arduous process they recognized that different paddlers have different requirements. As a result, they have designed three different back band sizes. They are pictured at right. The High Deluxe backband ($36.95) dimensions are 7-1/2" high x 14" wide, top picture at right. The Medium backband ($32.95) dimensions are 6" high x 14" wide, center picture at right. The Small backband ($28.95) is 3-1/2" high x 13" wide, bottom picture at right.

Top picture shows an Ergo Seat and Medium backband installed in a Hybrid.

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