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Seat Hanging Hardware

Silicon Bronze Seat Hardware Stainless Steel Seat Hardware Seat hangers in useYou can purchase a package of hardware at a discount or individual pieces (see drop down list below).

Top left picture is the Silicon Bronze Hardware package, $52. It includes eight 6" silicon bronze bolts (carriage bolts, 3/16"), nuts, washers and eight ash seat hanger spacers, 4". Pick the first item in the drop down list below.

Middle left picture is the Stainless Steel Seat Hardware package, $32. It includes eight 6" stainless steel machine (stove) bolts with finish washers, nuts, washers and eight ash seat hanger spacers, 4". Pick the second item in the drop down list below.

Ash and Cherry seat hangers are 4" long x 3/4" x 3/4" with a 1/4" center hole. Use them as spacers to get your canoe seats positioned 2" to 3" below your gunwales to keep your center of gravity low.

The hardware can be either silicon bronze or stainless steel 4" or 6". the silicon bronze looks similar to brass, but is much stronger. Make sure you include the 2" bolts for mounting the yoke or thwart in the appropriate type of metal.


NOTE: The stainless steel version are 'machine' or 'stove' bolts; the silicon bronze version are 3/16" carriage bolts. Click on appropriate picture to get a closer view.

An example of what to order for a complete tandem canoe set up is 8 ash or cherry seat hangers, 8 stainless steel seat hanger bolts (4" or 6") and 4 stainless steel thwart bolts (2").

Please make sure you are ordering the correct parts for your use. If you have any questions, email us before ordering or make a note in the Special Instructions part of the order form.

Ash Contour Canoe Seats

Ash Contour Seat Contour Seat These canoe seats are available in two sizes; both are 34" wide, but the BOW version has a wider caned area than the STERN version. The real advantage of these is the contour comfort and the idea that you don't have to hang the seat quite as low to get your butt down there. The seats have about an inch of drop in the center.

Bottom left picture shown as comparison to a standard seat.

Cherry Contour Canoe Seat

Cherry Contour SeatThe Cherry Contour Seat is similar size (32”) and shape as the ash seat, but is only available in the narrower caned version. You can now order contour seat and contour yoke in cherry to match.

$49.00 each

High Back & Standard Canoe Seats

High Back and Standard Canoe SeatsOur High Back canoe seats are cordura covered dense foam to give you reasonable cushion on top of your regular canoe seat. The High Back works well in a solo canoe situation or on a tandem canoe seat. The soft, flexible material allows freedom of movement while giving comfortable back support. Side straps allow adjustment for back support and bottom straps attach to your canoe seat with quick release buckles. Available in black and red; please indicate color preference in "special instructions" on order form.

Natural Cane Canoe Seat & Seat Back

High Back and Standard Canoe SeatsThis is the standard canoe seat that has been used for years. The webbing is natural cane that is pre-woven and inserted into the ash frame with a spline. If the cane should deteriorate in the future, it can be replaced fairly easily. ($33.00 for seat) ($69.95 for seat back)

Ash Contour Yoke

Ash Contour YokeThis is our Contour Ash Yoke; it is a comfortable yoke to portage your canoe, when you're not out paddling it.

$53.00 each

Cherry Contour Yoke

Cherry Contour YokeThis is our Contour Cherry Yoke; it is also a comfortable yoke to portage your canoe.

$68.00 each

Yokes and Thwarts

Yokes and Thwarts
From top to bottom: Ash contour yoke, cherry contour yoke, flat ash yoke, straight thwart, solo thwart.

The flat yoke ($21.00) in Ash is supplied with our kits. We have a Flat Cherry yoke also (not pictured- $32.00) The straight thwarts have some shape to them and look very traditional, ash ($14.50) or cherry ($19.95). The Solo Thwart ($24.00) is intended to be used on a Wee Lassie, Wee Lassie II, or Rob Roy solo canoe. If positioned well, the curve of the Solo Thwart becomes a sort of backrest. We also have used the High Back Canoe seat in conjunction with the Solo Thwart.

Deck Plates

Deck PlatesWe have used these 4" and 6" deck plates as a clean way to gain access to waterproof areas. The 4" deck plate will work ok in a vertical bulkhead under a deck. Just be aware that you will need space for the flange around the opening. A 4" deck plate ($14.00-White, $18.00-Clear) needs 6-1/8" diameter of space and the 6" deck plate ($22.00-White, $26.00-Clear) needs 8-1/8" diameter of space. The center of the deck plate shown is clear even though it looks black in the picture (you are looking into a sealed off chamber).

Bronze Pad Eyes

Bronze Pad EyesWe usually use the 5/16" pad eye on a canoe, either screwed into the wood stem or onto the deck. They can also be placed in other strategic places. A 1/4" rope will fit through this pad eye or you can use the 1" brass ring. Keep in mind that the pad eye with rope will be quieter than the brass ring.

The 3/8" pad eye is usually used with a larger boat such as the Rangeley, Mini-Grand Laker or Adirondack Guideboat.

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